VFW Post 9785
Position Post Officers Ladies Auxiliary Men's Auxiliary Cooties
Commander(V) / President(L,M) William Yudiskas Kathleen Just Al Stoddard Click Here
Sr. Vice Commander Ken Speegle Lynda Delisio Darrell McWilliams  
Jr. Vice Commander Mark Staicer Tammy Bailey Chris Stoddard  
Quartermaster(V) / Treasurer(L,M) John Mattison Jane Keller Mike Garganta  
Adjutant(V) / Secretary(L,M) Wes Schaffran Sherie Crosby Mike Garganta  
Judge Advocate Josh Trebon  
Chaplain Chris Jimenez Diana Harding Dave Ford  
Surgeon(V)/Conductress(L) Sammy O'Neal Charlotte Jones  
Officer Of The Day(V) / Guard(L) Kevin McBride Penny Mosher    
Service Officer Schyler Workman  
Trustee-3 yrs Marty Harris Tina Stoddard Warren Frigon  
Trustee-2 yrs Christine Kent Tammy Bailey Craig Smith  
Trustee-1 yr Kurt Mueller Lynda Delisio Dan Delisio  
Legislative Officer   Vacant  
House Committee Dean McBride Kathleen Just Al Stoddard  
Americanism(V)/Patriotic Instructor(L)    
Youth Activities      
Buddy Poppy    
Cancer Aid & Research    
Community Activities      
Hospital / VAVS    
National Home John Mattison  
Vicki Webb Nelson Scholarship    
Veterans and Family Support    
Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen Scotty Griffith    
Vacant - If you'd like to fill this position, see the appropriate Commander/President
(V) = VFW Title
(L) = Ladies Auxiliary Title
(M) = Men's Auxiliary Title